FA/Hockey's "Fight/Fuck II" The Movie


The latest joint edit from Fucking Awesome and Hockey Skateboard companies come today with Fight/Fuck II. The almost 20-minute video has Anthony Van Engelen, Donovan Piscopo, Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith, and Ben Kadow, Tyshawn Jones taking it to the streets of New York and Philly.

These guys are smooth as hell, hitting rough and crowd-saturated spots throughout the Big Apple. Dodging the hurried crowds and unrelenting relenting traffic of the city is a trick in itself.

Fight/Fuck II is unlike most skate videos surfacing right now. It has little to no music, random voice overs with pedestrians and passersby - including a cliche NYC bag lady - random footage of the skaters not skating and just messing around - lighting nipples on fire, smoking weed out of apples -, and quite a few meandering montages of city life.

Watch the video below.