Expression Session 3

tyler warren Now in it's third installment, Expression Session, hosted by Artists Republic, features nine of the most currently influential artists in surf culture. From photographs and paintings to sculptures and hand-pulled prints, Expression Session 3, offers a visual representation of modern surf culture through several different artistic lenses.

Curated by Will Pennartz, founder and owner of The Surf Gallery (2001-2010), the exhibition consists of Thomas Campbell, Geoff McFetridge, Andy Davis, Tyler Warren, Julie Goldstein, Jeff Canham, Andrew Holder, Michael Leon and Alex Weinstein, all of whose lives stand at the intersection of art and surf. Each artists' work tells stories and conjures imagery based on their experiences and the influence being in and around the ocean - surfing, swimming and simply connecting to this magical, natural environment - has on each one of them.

The ocean and surrounding surf culture have such an enamored appeal to a broad audience, including people that don't surf or live near the beach. Expression Session has become an annual artistic gathering where people can immerse themselves in artwork that not only evokes the feel good, free from stress mindset associated with the ocean, but also reiterates the idealized imagery people incidentally correspond with life surrounding surf.