Martin Courtney-Airport Bar Not unlike Real Estate's overwhelmingly mellow and unobtrusive sound, "Airport Bar," the latest cut off Martin Courtney's upcoming solo debut release, offers an unpretentious sound to casually stir memories and emotions. Courtney, vocalist and guitarist for Real Estate, will release his solo debut, Many Moons, later this month with 10 tracks of warmly written, yearning tunes that Courtney admits, "document a transition into family life and fatherhood."

Courtney, who has already released a pair of songs from the new album - “Vestiges” and “Northern Highway” - channels the familiar guitar-based sound characteristic of his band, while injecting a mature and sensible voice on, "Airport Bar." The track is dense with ambient, guitar-picked melodies and hooks; easy listening, but having the ability to carry the listener away in it's tasteful twang, and Courtney's gentle acoustic strums that permeate the nearly 4-minute pop song.

Listen to Courtney's "Airport Bar," above.