Las Rosas-Boys/Bad Universe Las Rosas initially garnered attention in 2013 when they released their EP "Flower in the Sun" with Burger Records. The 5-song collection was steeped in vintage sounds, saccharine vocal harmonies, and simple pop melodies accompanied by clapping that recalled Cody Blanchard-led Shannon and the Clams' tunes. After releasing a single with Dizzybird Records entitled, "Ms. America," there's been little noise from the Brooklyn psych trio.

As Las Rosas works on completing their debut LP - they don't have a name for the album, or a label to put it out with, or even a tracklist - they've released two new tracks, "Boys," and "Bad Universe." They're both luminous, moon-eyed pop tracks that are delivered with authority and a heady, San Francisco psychedelic sound. La Rosas sound is hinged on trance-inducing grooves and little licks of fancy pick work that make the two tracks cheerfully trippy.

If these are any indication of what's to come from Las Rosas LP, we can't wait.