FEELS - Close My Eyes

Photo by David Evanko The best way to enjoy Feels is live. Led by Laena Geronimo, of the Like and Raw Geronimo (her dad also happens to be Alan Myers of Devo), guitarist/vocalist Shannon Lay, drummer Michael Perry Rudes and Allen, Feels have been shredding for almost a year now, perfecting their sound and mesmerizing crowds with their unbelievable live performances.

The Los Angeles based punk outfit delivers rollicking doses of thrashing and fuzzed-out rock, mesmerizing crowds and having them wishing the band would release some of their raw tracks already. While Feels has been hard at on a new album, the only place you could hear new tunes was through bootleg fan-filmed recordings of the band playing live, until now.  “Close My Eyes,” the first listen off of their upcoming self-titled nine-track effort, buries singer and guitarist Laena Geronimo’s honeyed, laconic vowels within her and guitarist Shannon Lay’s gnarly yowling. They even got the approval of Ty Segall, who quickly hopped on board and produced the debut, due out February 26 on Castle Face Records.

Listen to the band's first official release, "Close My Eyes" below.