Mavericks' Massive Swell

Only 20 minutes south of San Francisco and near the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, sits the break of surfing lore, Mavericks. The Half Moon Bay break is known to rise from the wintery horizon to form perfect, massive waves that reach up to 60 feet, exploding with utter ferocity. Mavericks has seen some massive swell most recently thanks to the El Nino season. Check out these photos floating around Instagram of some of the most unbelievable waves.

Capturing the epic people on their epic moment @_mattbecker #PedroBalaPhotography #surflinelocalpro

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These moments are priceless...??? photo: @anaeanderson

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A surfer rides a huge wave at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay. Cowabunga. ?: @scottstrazzante #surfing #surf #mavericks #elnino

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