This Week Through The Lens 2.0

"Through the Lens" is Havoc TV's featured flick column. Each week we source the best surf and skate snaps from up-and-coming, already legendary, or important but overlooked Instagram photographers.


atibaAtiba Jefferson (@atibaphoto)

Atiba Jefferson has shot the who’s who of not only skating, but music, sports, pop culture and more, including a portrait session with Henry Rollins and traveling through Berlin with Eric Koston. He's a regular contributor to The Skateboard Mag, and recently shot the above photo of Leo Romero (@_travesurafor the magazine's upcoming issue. 


deanbottoDean Blotto Gray (@deanblottogray)

Dean Blotto Gray is never in one place for too long. As a Burton photographer, he's usually jet-setting to his next destination with camera and passport in hand. Dean shot this one of Burnton rider Zach Aller doing a noseblunt in Japan for the Burton Rail Days contest, which was held at@snowparktech


gabermanBrian Gaberman (@b_gaberman)

Brian Gaberman is an international photographer based in Northern California, and has spent the last fourteen years traveling the world with a camera. In this shot he catches Element skater Brent Atchley (@brentatchley) riding a seemingly impossible transition. 


willieWillie Kessel (@)

Willie Kessel's ability to catch the spirit of surfing in a single frame is innate. Kessel’s photos deal mostly with the culture of surfing and wandering around the world, and his feed is usually chock full of inspiring surf clips. His wanderlust aesthetic has amassed a client list that includes, Nike, Free People, WSL, Surfer Magazine, and Volcom, to name a few. 



Jack Mitrani (@jackmitrani)

Our good friend Jack Mitrani (and his frendly crew) recently put together Burton rider, Danny Davis' new full part for the continued web series, "Burton Presents".  The series regularly showcases Burton's top riders, and this segment focuses on Danny Davis as he prepares for X Games, traveling to and exploring Hokkaido, Japan, with Mark McMorris and Terje Haakonsen. The above photo is a rad frame from the piece, which Jack put together with Tim Anning.


tomTom Carey (@)

Photographer Tom Carey shot this flick of Volvom surfer Mitch Coleborn (@mitch_coleborn) doing a backside huck at Kandui Resort in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.



Gabriel Nakamura (@)

Nakamura predominately shoots 35mm film and spends his time between Brazil and Venice Beach, where he snapped this grainy black and white photo of a local rasta. While his photos are around current skate, surf, and beach culture he has a photgraphic aesthetic that evokes a sense of nostalgia, and imagery that could be from decades past. 


daveswiftDave Swift (@)

Dave Swift was part of the close-knit and wild crew of Del Mark Skate Ranch locals. He's a legend in skate photography, having shot for Transworld for 15 years and has helped create the template that all photographers still follow today.  Swift captures Alex Perelson (@alexperelson) for his #intransition part, as he does a one foot backside ollie at Houston's Spring Park; Alex's park of choice. 



Oliver Barton (@)

In this flick skate photographer and documentarian Oliver Barton, snaps a shot of skater Bobby Worrest (@bworrest) doing a front board in the Inland Empire, published in Issue 8 of @northskatemag.



Check back next week for another batch of the best from Instagram. If you want your photo to have a chance at being featured, hashtag #throughthelens.