Brixton Signs Chippa Wilson

chippa As a surfer, Chippa Wilson is far removed from the jersey-donning, contest-obsessed crop of the world’s best. And Chip's literally the most innocative aerial surfer ever, yet he's never really had a great run with hip sponsors. He rode for Analog (R.I.P), and then inked a deal with Fox, which was supposed to be pretty lucrative. But Fox was never edgy enough for Chippa, whose known have some pretty eccentric interests including art, photography, and Steve McQueen-esque motorcycles.

However Chip's dud run with sponsors recently came to an end when Brixton signed the Australian surfer. Chippa’s a perfect fit for the Brixton aesthetic, he’s a bona fide petrol enthusiast and spends much of his time out of the surf tinkering with his fleet of vintage motorbikes, and that’s not to mention the Chevvy truck that he reportedly spent a fortune shipping over from the US.

Fast, raw, and aggressively stylish, not many surfers can check all three boxes like Chippa does, and with such ease. The Chippa x Brixton partnership is a great brand fit. Look for some big things from this partnership in the future. Check out Chippa's welcome to the team clip below.