ARBOR VIDEO LOG: QUEBEC When the Arbor Snowboards crew landed in Quebec in the winter of 2014-2015, they faced a completely frozen city. Well below freezing temperatures and snow covered buildings, streets, and alleyways gave hint to what the locals admitted was one of the coldest winters in the past century. The northeast of North America was blanketed with an insane amount of freezing precipitation and freezing temperatures, making the region practically uninhabitable unless you planned on strapping in like the Arbor team was.

Guided by the guys behind the local snowboard video collective, Nowamean, and the well known, beer-chugging French Canadian Frank April, Brandon Hammid, Mike Liddle, Mike Gray, and LP Dorval to explore Quebec - a city steeped in snowboard history -  in search of new spots and doling out never been done tricks in this black and white video. Unfazed by the climate, the arbor team riders bust out tricks with ease in front of local kids, get towed into rail spots with a truck, and fashion some creative rails, ramps, and ledges to ride on throughout the city.

Quebec's urban landscape and graffiti ridden walls pose as the perfect landscape for this nicely shot video by filmmaker and photographer Eddie Grams.