Savoy Motel - Hot One

Photo: Semi Song  

Savoy Motel are patrons of disco.  Dressed to sweat in high wasted, but-hugging bell-bottoms, the Nashville quartet has been rattling bones with their overwhelmingly danceable tracks.

Savoy Motel essentially developed their entire approach over night, quickly recording a trilogy of unreleased albums, and making their live debut as the now funky-as-hell quartet in early 2015. Since, they have instantly become darlings of pulsating 70s disco beats. Driven by the pulsating beat of their Maestro brand drum machine (featured on many hits of the 1970s), Savoy Motel produces music that according to their bio online "combines upbeat grooves with a mix of outdated boogie rock, and a dash of European prog flavoring, covered in a thin layer of cold white funk."

Having already canned three entire albums yet released not one, Savoy Motel have released the lead track off their self-titled debut record out later this year. The lead single, "Hot One", is a funky four-minute song that's both shambolic and slick, completely grooving, yet a little kooky with writer/producer/bassist Jeffrey Novak occasionally singing through a jaw harp, revealing a Fat Albert-like staccato in the track's background.

Savoy Motel is set to be released later this year and will be available as a 7-inch single b/w “Souvenir Shop Rock” via the band’s own merchandising wing, Official Memorabilia, in the near future.

The band is previewing the track today with a ridiculously ’70s video. The clip follows a sax player (“the Hot One”) as he searches for his big hit, with scenes of Savoy Motel swaying in their quirky way cut throughout. Watch it below.