Dilly Dally - Ice Cream

dillydally Self-proclaimed weirdos Katie Monks and Liz Ball have been playing music together for years as Dilly Dally. Drawing from their idolized favorites like Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers, and even The Pogues, the self-taught guitarists fashioned their debut LP Sore, which is an amalgamation of slurred poetry, grunge-heavy guitars, and assaulting pop-ballads. After burning through three drummers and bassists, Ball and Monks have settled with Benjamin Reinhartz and Jimmy Tony.

Their track "Ice Cream," is heavy and gleams with Monks' crackly, expressive lead vocals. They've perfected the quiet to loud to quiet that urges you to moodily rock back and forth with the song's melodic fluctuations.

Listen to "Ice Cream" below, and check out the video they release last year for their single, "Desire".