Music Band - Wake Up Laughing

musicband Having shared the stage with the rock and roll force better known as Diarrhea Planet, fellow Nashville-based Music Band have proved the allure of their rowdy rock chops after having signed with Infinity Cat. The boisterous trio – Harry Kagan (guitar), Lee Putney (drums), and Duncan Shea (bass) — brings some serious meat and potatoes style rock and roll with their debut album Wake Up Laughing.

Wake Up Laughing sears with electric guitar, boasts sharp, simple rhythms, and primal riffs like those heard on a T. Rex hit. When there's vocals they have a way of sounding like their infused with old-fashioned slapback echo, and Kagan and Shea's chord progressions sound simultaneously melancholy and triumphant.

On the single, "Day Stealer," you'll hear the bands underlying penchant for meandering guitar tangents, while "Green Lights," offers a more sparkly majesty of fist-pumping hooks. The new album is a forceful and recklessly confident album that exercises characteristics of the glam, punk, hard rock, and hair metal sounds that influence them.

Listen to "Green Light" below. Music Band's Wake Up Laughing will be out March 31st.