Beach House's Dream Pop Gem Although Beach House's release Depression Cherry, graced blog pages and Spotify playlists only a couple months ago in August, the Baltimore-based pop duo has released Thank Your Lucky Stars, a record that they say (through a string of tweets) is a wholly new album meant to stand apart from its predecessor.

While Thank Your Lucky Stars might not stand as lesser material (usually the case for a B-sides album or initially unreleased trakcs) it's definitely a continuation of many of the same motifs and hallmarks of the group’s last release.

Thank Your Lucky Stars is filled with beautifully constructed psych-pop offerings that showcase Victoria Legrand's ethereal voice and its ability to brings in the dream element of their ever-popular dream-pop style. Each track possesses their own downtempo vibe and enchanting nature that sound reminiscent of Tame Impala’s psychedelic strains.

Elegy To The Void” unfolds with a sweeping grace and poise that is deceptively complex, and the rest of the album is peppered with moments of melodic illumination that feel almost like movements in the way they frequently elevate the song up and away from the heavy, damaged break-beats and mesmeric bass loops that typically drive them.

Listen to Thank Your Lucky Stars in its entirety above.