RJD2-The Sheboygan Left

unnamed RJD2 has unveiled the next single, “The Sheboygan Left,” from his forthcoming album, Dame Fortune, out March 25th on RJ’s Electrical Connections label. The mostly instrumental track provides a nice counterpoint to Dame Fortune’s first single, “Peace of What”.

The track is steeped in soul, and offers mostly instrumental arrangements woven with warm funk grooves, while showcasing that genuine hip-hop sound that marked RJD2’s breakthrough album, Deadringer. Thought-provoking and undeniably entertaining all at once, this latest exhibition of musical virtuosity is a crystal-clear reflection of RJD2’s cinematic aspirations, reminding listeners that it’s always rewarding to expect the unexpected. RJD2 will tour throughout 2016 in support of Dame Fortune and his 20-year-plus-career.

Listen to the new track below.