Year's Biggest Swell Hits Cloudbreak

f-porc-barrel- With the biggest swell of the year steadily filling in at Cloudbreak over the weekend, some of surfing's big wave heavy-hitters took to the water.

Even after Hawaii’s Aaron Gold (first to paddle out) suffered a wipeout at the infamously heavy Fiji spot and subsequently had to be resuscitated after being held under for two or three waves,Dane Gudauskas, Greg Long, Billy Kemper, Nathan Florence, Ryan Hipwood, Mark Healey and Damien Hobgood were still able to dig out gems for the day.

Cloudbreak hit like a fully loaded firing squad, with the danger tangible, and apart from Aaron Gold's dance with death at the day's opening and wavering conditions, everyone stayed safe. Check out these clips of Dane Gudauskas and Damien Hobgood at Cloudbreak and some crazy photos from the heavy day.