Coast Modern - Animals

Animals3 Coast Modern started out of creative restlessness.

Seattle-native Luke Atlas and LA-local Coleman Trapp met while separately working in Los Angeles as songwriters; both unwilling to get caught up in the rat race to land songs with mainstream pop artists, and tired of always playing catch up, instead of contributing something fresh.

After a self-imposed exile from Los Angeles to Denver - where Trapp began making music without the pressure of trying to peddle his creations - he began sending and exchanging his musical experiments via lo-fi tape recordings with Atlas. What came of the simple exchanges was their new groove-heavy synthpop duo Coast Modern.

The pair have a batch of slick, playful singles including "Hollow Life", a mid-tempo anthem that boasts buoyant basslines and booming 808 kicks, and their sophomore track "Animal,"‘ which proves to be an introspective tune, made accessible with it's subtle textures, lyrical depth and levity that proves a winning combination. Both tracks offer faint allusions to pop melody and harmonies, while infusing irresistible trip-pop beats.

Take a listen below.