Choose Your Way

willaliotti Will Aliotti is a 23-year ripper from St. Martin, Guadeloupe. Here we get Aliotti in Lanzarote of the Canaries with some rad surfing: fat tubes, giant punts, style for days.

Aliotti makes good use of the tunnels, ramps and walls the area has to offer. Filmed and edited by Gines Diaz and Adrian Rodd, and presented by Vans, this new edit has Aliotti shredding through each set that rolls into Lanzarote. And now...some existential jargon from Vans:

"There are many roads, paths, ways, dirt tracks, sands roads, easy ways, normal ways and extremly hard ways. Look at them and choose one, let your dreams direct your steps and your footprints will write your destiny. Choose your way is a project made by Gines Diaz and Adrian Rood with William Aliotti."

Watch the edit below.