https://youtu.be/n6lxQ6JwlVY Are we at all surprised that Tyler, The Creator's newest double music video for the Cherry Bomb tracks “BUFFALO,” and "Find Your Wings," starts out with the 24-year old rapper painted white from head-to-toe, and hanging from a noose? Not really. Tyler's lyrics and routine antics have quite frequently faced their fair share of criticism; including his recent ban from entering the UK due to his fostering of a "mentally unstable alter ego."

But like him or not, Tyler and his Odd Future comrades represent a youth movement as progressive as it is nostalgic. He undoubtedly stands as a vanguard of new and progressive ideas about how rap should sound today. Tyler made waves on the Internet back in 2009, reinvigorating the defiant shock-rap of MCs like Eminem, yet also drew from Pharrell's smooth and sophisticated productions with the Neptunes. His early albums were like a Dr. Jekyll–Mr. Hyde musical combination and an onslaught of Tyler's troubled personalities that coughed up lyrics that were hard for the squares to swallow.

With his newest video for "BUFFALO," Tyler takes us into the twisted creative mind of his most prominent alter-ego and the video's director, Wolf Haley. Wolf has Tyler hanging from a noose, running from an angry linch mob, and then suddenly transitioning the scenery into a cheesy 70s, American Bandstand-like talk show, where Tyler and his 'band' - Kali Uchis, Syd the Kyd from the Internet, and others - play a the smooth sounding single, "Find Your Wings."

Watch the surreal video above.