Being Bruna Schmitz Bruna Schmitz fell in love with the ocean when she was nine. At that point she didn't know where dedicating a career to surfing would take her, but was determined in leveraging her fears and insecurities as willpower to become one of the most dominant female surfers, and ultimately leading to a cache of only imagined opportunities.

The 25-year-old professional surfer and international model reveals an intimate first-hand account of her life in the self-titled short film, Bruna. Directed and edited by surf filmmaker Tyler HaftBruna is an inspiring story of humble beginnings for the professional surfer born and raised in the small fishing community of Matinhos, Brazil. While Bruna has become equally respected for her big backhand hits and stylish forehand snaps as well as for her genuine spirit for the sport and life, Bruna's visual retelling through Haft's observant lens documents the personal sacrifices - leaving family behind at a young age - and internal battles one goes through when rising to the top.

We're happy to announce the premiere of our dear friends Bruna and The Ninth House's new film, which can be viewed in both English and Portugese here.

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