This Week Through The Lens 7.0

“Through the Lens” is Havoc TV’s featured flick column. Each week we source the best surf and skate snaps from up-and-coming, already legendary, or important but overlooked Instagram photographers.

High line perch from @jordanspee with @mssurfboards

A photo posted by sea_bass (@sea_bass) on

@sea_bass Here the photographer known on Instagram as sea_bass catches Australian surfer Jordan Spee on a high line perch riding an MS Surfboard.  

The south bay has been fun lately?? A photo posted by Brendan Calder (@brendanjcalder) on

Brendan Calder (@brendanjcalder) Local South Bay photographer Brendan Calder snaps this shot in between the Hermosa and Manhattan Beach piers earlier this week. With the little El Nino the South Bay of Los Angeles has recieved, waves have been cranking, offering up some solid sets for some even more solid sessions.


Sean Cho (@seancho) San Francisco skate and street photographer Sean Cho really knows how to frame a skate shot. Using the city's natural surroundings, Cho highlights its unique character and reminds us why San Francisco is such a hailed skate city.  

Thismakesmesmile A photo posted by Andy Davis (@andydavisdesigns) on

Andy Davis (@andydavisdesigns) So Andy Davis didn't take this photo, and no one can really pin-point where or who this photo was taken of, but it's rad and we had to share this week.


Golden Haze #ocean

A photo posted by Bailey Kotez (@baileykphoto) on

Bailey Kotez (@baileykphoto) Photographer Bailey Kotez has an eye for catching glossy, rolling waves at their peak. That in-limbo point when the wave is about to take its colossal plummet to the sand. Head to her profile to catch a ton of gorgeous photos of waves.  

@corywhitlock having some lunch time snacks! #surf #photo #Oceanside #california #RW63 A photo posted by cory (@corypatterson) on

Cory Patterson (@corypatterson) For photographer Cory Patterson the camera needs to show when and where a surfer fits in, becoming a natural adjunct to the environment while dominating it. Here he snaps a shot of Cory Whitlock of Whitlock Surf riding a nugget in Oceanside.


Bryce Kanights (@orginalbk) Bryce shot his first photograps as a teenage skater on the urban streets of San Francisco. He's since captured several generations of youth culture, which has helped shape the evolution of board sports. This shot is from his archives of Sam Cunningham in an empty pool at the 99 Bowl in 1989.


Michael Farkas (@mfarkas) Mike Farkas is a freelance photographer that was recently asked to shoot the Todos Santos Challenge. Here he snaps a shot of surfer Josh Kerr going big.


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