Deerhunter-Living My Life Forget the overly wrought narratives of most music videos, Deerhunter would rather feed you four minutes of blissful imagery of random moments - lead singer, Bradford Cox driving in a car with a dog, close ups of weathered lawn decorations - on their new video for "Living My Life," a track off their new album, Fading Frontier.

Completely filmed and edited by Cox and guitarist, Lockett Pundt, the video offers a tid bits of a seemingly simple life. Quick shots of Cox wandering around outside, closeups of sun-tinged flowers, cracked garden statues, and uneven rock surfaces all come together in the band's new visuals, which Cox explains is dedicated to Miles Davis.

“The idea was to have a formless visual that does not conform to the overwhelming cleverness and narrative ambition of most modern videos. Instead we have a sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes hypnotically beautiful, mess of images and rhythm.”

Kaleidoscope-like liquid visuals mirror the song's climactic hook, leaving listeners with the warm and plainspoken mantra of the track's title.