Best Creature Skateboards Video Parts

The Creature fiends are known to push fast and charge all terrain, destroying every spot in their path. They've coined their own brand of hesh skating, and are undoubtedly one cohesive, assault-like skate unit, yet their riders all represent different shades of Creature green. While it's clear that all the Creature fiends seem eternally amped on skating and prone to coming up with some wacky, creative street combos, one thing that rings true with each team member is the enormous bag of tricks that each skater boasts - a manifestation of their respect for skate history and putting a hesh twist on classic tricks. There's no better way to witness the dexterity of the Creature team than digging into some of the best video parts the skate brand has come out with over the years. Here's a short list of some of Havoc TV's favorite Creature video Parts.


Chris Russell's "American Psycho" Part - 2015


Darren Navarrette in "Born Dead" - 2006


Milton Martinez's "Creature Fiend" Part - 2014


Truman Hooker in "Hesh Law" - 2009


Willis Kimbel in "CSFU" - 2013


 Al Partanen in "Born Dead" - 2006