Tommy Guerrero Releases "Perpetual"

Tommy-Guerrero-Huck-C-958x559 Bones Brigade skater turned musician, Tommy Guerrero, probably won't ever stop creating. Since his exit from pro skating, he's kept his creativity flowing via his 70s jam-infused tunes that, with the release of his new album Perpetual, have amounted to over ten albums.

Guerrero's recently released Perpetual is a wellspring of finely crafted instrumental tracks that evoke the same range of influences -  70’s-style jams and soul, to bossa nova - that have continued to inform his music over the years. Although the record marks a continuation to Perpetuum, an album exclusively released in Japan in 2014, Guerrero's intent with the new 16-song collection was "to strip the tunes down and create more of an atmosphere than being concerned with writing ‘songs’."


The 49-year-old, who will be playing a string of record release party shows with guest Ray Barbee over the next week, wanted to stray away from the computerized recording that artists have become so accustomed to these days, and recorded the entire album on an 8-track tape machine, giving each track a nicely stripped down sound. For Guerrero, it's the imperfections on this record that give it the kind of mood and humanity he was shooting for. Like with most of his other albums, Guerrero aims to create a mood with his music; Perpetual's mood translates the free, limitless guitar style that he has become so widely recognized for. Tracks like "Los Oceanos Del Arena" reverberate with the twang of Guerrero's finite guitar plucking, offering atmosphere to the his already free-flowing compositions.


Watch the video for Guerrero's "Los Oceanos Del Arena," below, and stream the entire album vis his bandcamp.