Night Beats - No Cops

night beats Seattle psych rockers, Night Beats, are total rabble rousers. Their first two albums were filled with jangling, rickety-rackety, homemade psych-blues-rock, and their impending third full-length album, Who Sold My Generation (out January), is another sampling of the trio's psychedelic rhythm and blues.

As a preview to the upcoming LP, Night Beats have shared their latest single, “No Cops”. The number is a fast, backbeat-driven clip that still openly pays homage to the band's early psych and soul leanings. It's a tripped out and warped blues stomper. Lead singer D. Lee Blackwell's angsty vocal delivery packs the same raucous punch as Dylan's ramblings on Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Blackwell's crunchy guitar riffs fluctuate with the persistent and inevitably funky hum of Jakob Bowden's bass, offering up a swelling buzz of reverb and rowdy melody. "No Cops" demonstrates the band's underlying R&B vibe that Blackwell says will be a common trait on this new album. Also a common thread on Who Sold My Generation, its political edge. In an interview with Hero Magazine, Blackwell said, "A lot of it [the album] has to do with the current state of our living in America, musically, politically. Someone somewhere sold something. But I want to pose the question to everyone who picks it up and listens to it. The idea is not to rebel consciously, it’s to raise questions and to look at things in a way that’s natural and honest."

Listen to Night Beats new single, "Non Cops" below.