Oreo Jones Rules the Underground

cover-oreo Who is Oreo Jones? Chances are you haven't heard much about the Indianapolis emcee, but the bearded, funky sweater-wearing artist mixes everything he's got – literary beats, rhymes and life – into a dope hip-hop sound that has grabbed his local music scene by the throat.

In a remarkably short period of time, Oreo Jones has rocketed to the apex of the Indianapolis hip-hop scene, capturing top honors as an emcee in NUVO's 2012 Best Of Indy poll - a feat he accomplished without a full-length album release under his belt. Since he's released Betty, which was a full-length of clever story telling and sick flow, where he took us on a very personal tour through the parts of life that built his character. By the end of the record, it was clear that Oreo Jones had broken the mold and would defy expectations. Not to mention over the course of his short career, he has had a natural ability to pull in people from all walks of life to create unique and memorable music.

With the impending release of his new album Cash 4 Goldwhich drops worldwide on May 13th (on digital, vinyl, cassette+zine), we put together a short list of our favorite Oreo tracks.