School of Life: Bastien Duverdier


When you hear Bastien Duverdier whaling on his harmonica and furiously plucking at his resophonic guitar, you almost forget that the Basque Country native was a skater before a musician.

Bastien has been skating for eighteen years now, ten of which he's been professional with brands like Element and Vans. However after a freak fall in Burma, Bastien picked up a guitar and discovered a new love for blues. What started as a way to pass time while off his skateboard, has been forged into a new career alongside his skating, under his musical alias, Képa (his grandfather's name).


Skateboarding taught Bastien to be independent from a young age, and continues to inform his pursuits. He shares the same independence he found in skating, in his music.

Desillusion Magazine's Robin Paller directed this short piece on Bastien and the crossroads where professional skateboarder and aspiring musician meet. Watch the new video scored to Képa's "Only Oh".