Animal Collective-Golden Gal

golden It's been nearly four years since we got a full-length album from the experimental pop group Animal Collective. But February 19th will mark the band's return with the release of Painting With. The follow-up to Centipede Hz has been previewed thus far with the overtly poppy, “FloriDada” and the dizzying track “Lying in the Grass”.

Now, the Baltimore outfit has offered another sampling in “Golden Gal”. A trippy and technicolor listen, it features a brief sampling of a Golden Girls episode, along with a casual Betty White reference.For fans of off-kilter psychedelic pop music and of ’80s-era sitcoms - mostly those about old ladies living together -  will both find something to like in this brand new single.

Listen in below via its corresponding animated clip, directed by Celeste Potter.