Asher Pacey's Pieces Astray

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Asher Pacey's surfing is something of hypnosis. You can easily get lost watching the super stylish surfer rip his way through each wave he faces, throwing backside turns with the utmost finesse.

In his newest edit, Pieces AstrayAsher carves a twin fin with his signature smoothness and modern flair at a range of California beaches. Asher can pretty much ride anything, and what he does on this relatively retro plank - big turns, style, style, style - is more than impressive.

The edit, filmed and whipped in to shape by the talented Matt Kleiner opens with a quick monologue recording of Martin Bell's documentary Streetwise, about homeless teens living on the streets of Seattle. The clip opens with the documentary's protagonist saying, "The only bad thing about flying is having to come back down to the fucking world."

Asher's a true legend. Watch the new edit below.