All Aboard Documentary Dale Bailey and his three friends Ryan Fyfe-Brown, Jordan Marowitch and Marcus Samji set out on a trip of a lifetime a few months back. The four Canadian skaters shot down to Pensacola, Florida, where they planned on jumping on their first freight train and officially embarking on an epic cross-country trip that would have them train-hopping throughout the southern United States, to California, stopping at a slew of skate spots along the way.

For two months, Bailey and co. hopped from one train to the next, crashing in small holes of freight cars with backpack, skateboard, and tripod in tow, stopping off in major cities' downtown areas to skate, take some footage, and meet local skaters before running after their next passing train. Some of their longest hops, including a 1000-mile stint in 28 hours from San Antonio, TX to Tucson, AZ., posed as true tests to their resilience and ability to take on a homeless lifestyle. Having slept everywhere from underneath bridges, in public parks, and abandoned houses, the guys learned a lot about living on the road and without permanent shelter.

Throughout the entire trip, Bailey took incredible 35mm film photos with his Minolta AE -X1 and tons of vide footage for his documentary project, All Aboard. The documentary will premiere in Edmonton, Alberta, at the end of the month, and will be released at a later date. Watch the trailer for the incredible documentary above.