Morgan Maassen Shoots Surf Cuba, Greenland, Panama, Australia, Barbados and the British Virgin Islands; just a few of the exotic locales that high school dropout turned surf photographer, Morgan Maassen, has had the opportunity to shoot at.

Although Maassen picked up a surfboard before a camera, it's his lens that has made his worldly travels a possibility. He's used the ocean as a medium to connect the dots into shooting the people, places, and lifestyles that come with traveling for surf. He's been able to grow his photography into the fashion and commercial world and work for clients and take opportunities beyond what the surf industry could offer.

The Santa Barabara, California local barely spends a few months at his beach town home. Instead he can be found in the water around the world shooting the intimate details and the sensations of being closely connected with nature. Check out his recent interview with online magazine, Freunde von Freunden.

Watch Maassen's video "Motion," above, which includes footage from his work with several clients like Audi, Corona, Samsung, Volvo, Delta Airlines, Peugeot, NBC Universal, Monster Energy, Quiksilver, Patagonia, Billabong,, Nixon, Roxy, Hurley, Teen Vogue, and National Geographic.