Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher


In an interview with Rookie Mag two years ago, Sunflower Bean’s Nick Kivien described the band’s sound as, “If the Velvet Underground happened in [the year] 20,100.”

We’d say that description is still pretty spot on given the band’s latest sampling, “Wall Watcher,” the first single from the band’s debut full-length, Human Ceremonywhich stands at the nexus of shimmering space rock, psychedelia, and inklings of kraut rock. With their catchy tunes and grooved distortion, Sunflower Bean sit amongst other young, rising bands like Alvvays that continue to garner attention and are destined for mainstream success. Sunflower Bean has been crafting fuzzed out tracks that Interview Magazine says strives,“to bring back some good, old-fashioned rock-‘n’-roll.”

“Wall Watcher” catches Sunflower Bean at some of their most compelling moments and proves an enticing union of rhythm: tight drums, funky guitar scratch, and guitars slinging acid-fried riffs. While the band cites Black Sabbath, the Velvet Underground, and Neu! as influences, the trio exude a powerful punch of crunching rock music all their own.

Human Ceremony, which hits February 5th via Fat Possum, is the band’s debut album and is sure to offer up tracks filled with mind-bending psych, heavy metal leanings, and notes of breezy indie-pop.

Listen to Sunflower Bean’s new single, “Wall Watcher” below