SLAYER - REPENTLESS With a six year span between their last album, several lineup changes, and the shocking death of core songwriter, Jeff Hanneman, I'm sure a lot of fans wondered what to expect with their latest release, Repentless.  Well, fear not, children of the spawn, the mighty Slayer survive with their bludgeoning style of speed metal firmly in tact.  Repentless gives you everything you want from a Slayer album; Kerry King and Gary Holt's blistering guitar,Paul Bostaph's pummeling drums,  and Tom Araya's pulverizing howl.  It's hard to imagine a Slayer fan turning this on and being disappointed.  Similar to if the Ramones were still all alive and jamming, we just want to hear more of what we loved about them in the first place.  Let Yo Yo Ma evolve musically.  Like in this clip from the title track, we want Slayer to sound like the soundtrack to a prison riot.