Skating in LA-Harry Cartwright

For up-and-coming UK artist and photographer Harry Cartwright, Los Angeles is a land of inspiration. In his newest collection of photographs entitled Skateboarding in Los Angeles, Cartwright documents LA skate culture through his unique collage-like, analog lens.

Locals skating bowls in Venice Beach, urban scenes in downtown LA, and double exposed photos of skaters seemingly grinding buildings around the city make up Cartwright's new series. The 22-year old artist spent part of his summer in Los Angeles, traipsing around the City of Angels and documenting the occurring skate scene. His photo collection is reminiscent of a 90s Zoo York ad - images pieced together with a raw, punk aesthetic.

After acquiring an old Canon AE-1 35mm, Cartwright was determined to create a photographic series of some kind. Upon his arrival to Venice Beach he was compelled to photograph all the crazy antics that he stumbled upon at the skatepark. Each morning he'd head down to the skatepark to find the usual suspects, skating, smoking and generally causing a ruckus. Upon returning to the UK, Cartwright developed the countless rolls of film and created the existing series.

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