Polish Club - Beeping

Sydney, Australia’s Polish Club tear it up two piece style in their new video for "Beeping," a tune off their recently released debut self-titled album. Novak and John Henry - the two dudes that make up Polish Club - deliver a powerful musical punch with their solid, punk inspired riffs and seasoned songwriting.

While Polish Club draws heavily from the garage rock scuzz of Detroit - think early Jack White - the duo boasts an unbelievable amount of soul. In fact, they like to think of themselves as the "loudest goddamn soul outfit" that anyone has every heard, according to their Facebook page. Novak, who not only graces each track with his raucous and beautifully brash blues guitar, but quickly captivates listeners upon hearing his full-bodied Motown howl.

"Beeping," directed by Tommy Thoms and John-Henry, was made frame-by-frame entirely with a black and white photocopier; no computerization, no fancy editing effects. According to a short conversation Thoms has with Monster Children, the clip took ‘uuuuhhhh ages!’ as they painstakingly had to shoot, edit, print out every frame, photocopy each frame, photograph each photocopy and then re-edit it.

The video is quite astonishing, and the music is equally enjoyable. Watch below.