Largest Calligraffiti Artwork in the World from Pokras Lampas 720 liters of paint and a rooftop space totaling over 17,000 square feet is all it took for modern calligraphy artist, Pokras Lampas to create the biggest calligraphy artwork in the world.

Lampas, whose well-known calligraffiti style has been employed by companies like Nike, Redbull, and Mercedes, doused the Red October plant roof in the heart of Moscow with nearly a ton of paint, dedicating the hard-to-decipher words to the moments of inspiration and creativity he found when preparing the project.

The mural, which nears about the same height as a 22-story building was made by the artist and his team using a custom made brush composed of four big brooms that had a one meter surface, specifically for this project.

"This project breaks records on the complexity and scale in the World," says Lampas. "It was a real challenge for me and my team. My emotions from the last drawn line were extremely bright, so now I want to do something even larger and crazier."

The magnificent finished piece was completed in a mere two days. Check out the video above, directed and produced by Sergey Valyaev, of Lampas and his team as they cover the extensive rooftop.

Featured photos by Klepnev.

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