Krooked NYC Although watching Mark Gonzales ride the infamous Krooked circle board - made up of a bunch of Brad Cromer's first pro board - throughout New York's Tomkins Square and Times Square, the skate company's newest video edit of Gonz, Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Sebo Walker & Matt Gottwig thrashing around New York City for five days is something that can't be missed.

Cromer demonstrates why Krooked moved him from am to pro earlier this year, as he skates over inventive obstacles on flat throughout the video. Also, Gonz's intermittent trick introductions and comments to the camera make for hilarious interludes, especially when he explains the hang-up board slide, during which he states, "The hang-up board slide, it's like the girl that you can't get over. Just grab your board, put some rails on it and hang off the side."

Just watch the damn video.