Kick + Push There's something special about the temporariness of a skateboard.

Kids go out and buy a board because they love the graphic, and within a few sessions, they destroy it, and it's gone. There's something beautiful about it though, it's just there for that moment and it disintegrates and then they go out and get a new one; further perpetuating the process from skateboard artist to board being ridden on the streets.

The guys over at Kick + Push —a website providing the opportunity for artists to create and crowdfund one-of-a-kind skateboards—have just launched their latest three decks featuring the art of Brian Romero, Lucas Beaufort, and Jimmy D’Amico.

For the 100% Canadian maple boards to go into production, a select number of the planks must be pre-ordered by Feb 15 to meet the monetary goal set. That means the skaters pre-order these boards in order to fund the production of the board. The boards all small batch and exclusive to the a single production. Plus 15% royalty is paid to the artist behind the deck for each and every purchase.

Among the artists you can support right now is Los Angeles illustrator, art director and musician Brian Romero. Learn more about the man behind the illustration in the short video above from Kick + Push.