Kelela-All the Way Down In 2013, Kelela released a mixtape CUT4MEthat left people foaming at the mouth for more from the LA melody maker. She lent her soprano pipes to a plethora of forward-thinking, underground producers centered around the Los Angeles label Fade to Mind, for the mixtape.

While she's currently working on narrowing down 20 tracks for her debut full-length, which she imagines will be out by the end of next spring, Kelela has released her latest project Hallucinogen, an EP that hints at the obvious progress she's made since CUT4ME.

"All the Way Down," arises as one of the EP's standout tracks. Functioning in the same undefinable pop style that we've grown to love from Kelela, "All the Way Down," employs a R&B infused instrumental composed by DJ Dahi, and lyrically explores how the singer recognizes her comfort zones and the ways her relationship forces her to outgrow them. At the time of making the song, Kelela was having the experience of dating someone who was younger than her. The song is about abandoning unnecessary rules and focusing on things that do matter when it comes to relationships.

Again, Kelela challenges what we think R&B should sound like and ambitiously pushes the boundaries of the genre, leaving us with an earful of ambient vocals and a slow drag of bass.