Jordy Smith in Mozambique and Durban

jordysmith Poor Jordy Smith had a rough 2015. The Cape Town surfer was held back by a heel laceration, a knew injury, and then a back injury that basically through off his entire season. There was even a quick moment where we thought we might not see Jordy making his rounds on the World Tour again.

This year though, something feels different. Jordy returns refocused, healthy, and ranked No. 13, as we see in this new edit of him surfing Mozambique and Durban. The video, which was shot during his off season, shows some fun sessions at both of his local spots, and a surfer with a lot of pent up energy ready to surf his ass off.  If this clip is any indication of Jordy's upcoming year, he'll be a forced to be reckoned with.

Watch the new clip below.