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So, there's a really rad gallery/alternative space in Echo Park called INNOCNTS that hosts killer art shows with a range of emerging artists - usually in one way or another tied to the surf and skate community - and that prides itself on the fact that they are "open to all those inspired by fringe segments and pockets of modern revelry."

Sean Tully, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, owns and operates the creative project, and is constantly cranking out artwork in many forms: paintings, writing, photos, videos, and objects. Sean and videographer Kevin Jansen made this new video for INNOCNTS called Black Dolphin, which has Sean mucking around Los Angeles - painting in his studio, ripping a lil' bong in the back of his car, and catching a ton of waves. The just over three-and-a-half-minute video is like a fly on the wall experience, observing Tully in his most natural environments, and spliced with some well-found snippets of Basquiat tagging, a drunken Bukowski reading, and a clip from Rocko's Modern Life of Dr. Hutchison (she had a hook hand!).

Check out the rad edit below, and if you're into the song as much as we are, it's called "Black Dolphin" by Divola.

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