Holy Wave - Minstrel's Gallop

Holy Wave have been churning out psychedelic pop since the group's inception back in 2012. The Austin-based five-piece perfectly combines sacred surf sounds, droning riffs, and fluid group vocals that haunt and harmonize in equal measure. They recently released a new LP, Freaks of Nurture (which you can grab here), and have now premiered the video for one of it's most enticing track's "Minstrel's Gallop". While the track's lyrical meaning taps into reflections on the shitty patterns of life and how depressing it can be to get wrapped up into menial situations, the dream-like wash of vocals and delicate keys offer a blissfully melodic tone to the track.

The video's kaleidoscope perspective of the band as they float in a black abyss amongst superimposed textured flecks of light and dots, fittingly reflects the haunting mood of the track.  The melancholic tone of the song's lyrics coupled with the spectrum of psychedelic sounds has produced extraordinary results all the same.

Watch the video for "Minstrel's Gallop" below.