GoldLink - New Black

It seems like GoldLink is anxious for his debut album And After That, We Didn't Talkto come out. Not only has he moved up the record's release date to tomorrow November 8, he's also been dropping leak after leak in the past week including his most recent, "New Black."

The boom bap style rap song bounces along a soothing background instrumental, while GoldLink spits his socio-political rhymes atop it. The impressive new rapper doesn't shy away from speaking the truth about his view on the current hip-hop world, point-in-case the repeated lyrics in "New Black": "hip hop will die I promise that/ if we keep the lies in our raps.” With silky production from fellow Soulection affiliate Tom Misch, "New Black" is the perfect introduction to GoldLink's unfazed signature sound and clever rhymes.

For And After That, We Didn't Talk, GoldLink inhabited the inside of a bus that Bob Dylan used to live in and now resides in the backyard of Shangri La, producer Rick Rubin's recording studio. Rubin's finite and curative production skills have graced records for Kanye West, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and so many more. And while his laundry list of big name acts goes on for miles, he's actively been a crucial part of GoldLink's debut album, seeing promise in GoldLink's brash and thoughtful music.

Listen to GoldLink's latest track leak below and look for And After That, We Didn't Talk out tomorrow.