Glitterbust - Highline

knost Glitterbust is the new duo-project of Sonic Youth bassist and "art-rock" provocateur Kim Gordon, and Tomorrows Tulips guitarist Alex Knost. Glitterbust released a self-titled LP on Burger Records last friday, and only a couple days prior premiered the duo's debut video for the single "The Highline."

There's no mistaking the band's emphasis on visual expression and its relationship to the Glitterbust sound, as the two powerfully culminate in the mesmerizing short film, which was shot and directed by skater-turned-legendary-artist Thomas Campbell. Leave it to Gordon to sculpt reeling noise rock into a physical art experience.

"The Highline" is the LP's nine-minute highlight, and the record's most conventionally composed piece. It seems like a collage of song fragments, all cooed together with Gordon and Knost's painterly, speak-singing vocals.