Gabe Morford's Skate Snaps

gabe5 Photographer Gabe Morford was always surrounded by really nice, hand-developed black-and-white prints as a kid. His dad would use the black room at the local high school and whenever his mom would shoot off a roll of film on her Kodak Instamatic camera, she’d always let him shoot the last six frames. Morford has come quite a ways since those days shooting polaroids of his skateboard or his cat, now snapping some of the most important and creative talents in skateboarding.

His subjects include legends like Jason Lee, Mark Gonzales, Max Schaaf, and Ronnie Sandoval. Besides his extensive catalog of personal skate flicks, Morford has helped shape the visual identity Deluxe Distrobution - the current home of Antihero, Real, Krooked, Spitfire Wheels, and Thunder and Venture trucks. Morford captures skateboarding’s perfect moments having travelled and skated with so many dominant skaters for so long.

Morford has fostered a "be ready for everything" style of shooting. In skateboarding things happen within seconds, and if you're not quick with the lens, then the shot is gone. Morford's made a living out of his passion, capturing some of skateboarding's finest moments.

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