There isn't a second that goes by in Lucas Beaufort's day, that he isn't doodling. Funny, for a dude who's first interaction with his now preferred medium of paint was at age 26.

Soon after he picked up the paintbrush, Beaufort began to reinvigorate the covers of old skateboard magazines,with his infectious and colorful monsters, that he once flipped through as a skate rat pushing in the streets of Cannes, France. Beaufort's jubilant and multi-colored characters seem to appear everywhere; at the top of skate ramps, under a rail that some dude is riding, even poking out of the wall as a skater passes by. Beaufort sees his character's as a way to reinvigorate the print magazines that had such an overwhelming influence on his life as a skater.

Beaufort's extensive skate background informs almost every aspect of his current artwork. His early infatuation with skate graphics, particularly those on the bottom of skate decks, have remained relevant to his style and urge to create on his own. Following the start of his most current body of work, and only working off his own collection of skate mags, Beaufort contacted a whole load of different skateboard, snowboard, and surf magazines from all over the world: USA, France, Spain, UK, Australia, Portugal, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, South Africa. He now receives 30 different magazines every month to doodle his cast of fun-loving monsters.

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