De La Soul - Pain

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me mirror what is wrong. Well the only thing that's been wrong is that De La Soul hasn't put out a new record in 12 years. But the peasy-headed trio from Long Island, NY who made an indelible mark on hip-hop, has not only announced their follow-up to 2004’s The Grind Date with And the Anonymous Nobody, but has slated the group's eighth studio album to drop on August 26th.

Armed with a dry sense of humor, a kitchen sink approach to sampling and production, and a keen critical eye for the various twists and wrong turns that hip-hop took over the years, De La Soul were the genre’s black sheep and its conscience. De La already treated us to the funky offering “Trainwreck” earlier this month, and have now unboxed another cut from the upcoming album with “Pain”. The new track packs some sick West Coast swagger courtesy of rapper and consummate weed smoker Snoop Dogg.

In a press release Dave says, “This album is about lending to the scape of music in 2016, trying to give something, not for the sake of we want to balance what’s going on or fix hip-hop. We just want to say something to the creative aspects of music.”

Listen to "Pain" above; there’s also an interactive lyric video fans can play around with here.