Craig Anderson's Welcome Elsewhere

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Style is all about personal preference, however Craig Gleason may be the poster boy for surfing with style, no matter if you prefer the smoothness of Curren or speed of Matt Archbold.

Craig, a poet of motion, has released a brand new, longer form edit entitled, Welcome Elsewhere, which stands as a curation of his most recent time spent on the road, through Tahiti, deep Australia, Indonesia and more. The 12-minute video was put together by Kai Neville and a handful of others - Tyge Landa, Dave Fox, James Kates, Tom Jennings & Oliver Semkens - over the course of 2015, and explores Craig’s love "of being in the jungle or being mysto in the desert."

Welcome Elsewhere documents some of Craig's most noteworthy off the grid travels hunting uncrowded waves. There are tons of amazing clips throughout the edit including the footage from when he caught 10 waves over two days at Kanduis during waht's been notes as swell of the decade (10-12 foot). And of those 10 waves, most were on a 5’4” Hypto Krypto made by Hayden Cox (HaydenShapes). Anderson is a total badass.

Watch Welcome Elsewhere below.