Conner Coffin X YWT

Conner-Coffin-Mex-CareyT0672-A-677x451 Conner Coffin made his debut on the WSL this year, and the Santa Barbara rookie is currently sitting in 11th place after his solid opening finishes at Snapper and Bells. He's looking to regain that momentum in Rio,where he's been surfing for the past few days.

The young Californian is seen in this new edit shredding at Rincon, the North Shore and beyond, and burying his rail and finding deep tunnels throughout. Brad Gerlach, Conner's coach, told Stab that"Conner's still growing into his body and his own. In two years he'll be one of the best surfers on tour." We'll see if this prophesy comes to light, but in the meantime, sip on Conner's face melting carves.