Common Strangers: An Exhibition of Skate Photographers

SAM_DEARDEN_01 There aren't many sports that have as strong of a creative relationship as skateboarding does. Skating, image making, and creative culture have always kind of gone hand in hand, whether it's skaters drawing and designing graphics for their boards or taking photos in order to document their travels and experiences.

Photographer and curator Lola Paprocka sees this prominent connection as a stepping-stone into exploring skaters' photography and creative outlets further. And with the Independent Photography Festival heading to London tomorrow, November 18 - 29, Paprocka has curated Common Strangersa photography show that weaves together threads loosely connected by skateboarding into a celebration of some of the best emerging photographers around.

This special group exhibition held at House of Vans in London uses skateboarding and skate culture as a thread that binds together individuals and their creative work. Photographers Sam DeardenDonovyn Le RouxAdriaan LouwSarah MeurleHarry MitchellJonathan PinkhardCallum Paul and James Whineray have each captured elements of their landscapes and surroundings, either in their own home country, or while traveling, with a sense of wonder and creativity. Paproka's mission with the exhibit is to demonstrate how skate and DIY culture unites each of these emerging photographers - who all manage to capture life in such a beautiful, honest and unique way - even if their styles and imagery are completely divergent.

Poprocka approached a few photographers that she already knew - James Whineray and Callum Paul - who have a strong interest in skateboarding. After receiving recommendations, as well as looking through hordes of portfolios to make sure she had a strong representation of work, Poprocka gathered an awesome lineup of international guys and gals from Australia, United States, South Africa, Sweden and England.


adriaan louw