Clean Spill-Sid

Pat Curren is a damn good surfer, and equally talented musician. You think the son to three-time world champion surfer Tom Curren would have milked his prodigal rights, but the Santa Barbara-based surfer and lead singer of the surf rock band Clean Spill, would rather his surfing and the band's new music do the talking.

Curren, bassist Geoff Shae, guitarist Cameron Crabtree, and drummer Charlie Fawcett, who together make up Clean Spill, released a new single, "Sid".

“This song is about the struggle of being homeless and feeling as though you have no one around besides yourself,” the band told Consequence of Sound about “Sid”. “It was a way of making us grateful for what we have. We like to send messages with our songs and this was one we had been wanting to tell for a while.”

Check that message out by listening to “Sid” below.